Luke Library

Luke Library offers outstanding resources for people of all ages! Located in Building 219 on Homer Drive, Luke Library is continually upgrading its varied resources to serve you.

Your first visit will confirm this library’s impressive status. Luke Library has over 40,000 books, numerous magazines and newspapers, DVDs, videotapes, CDs and tapes for life-long learning and causal reading. Almost 5,000 books are available on tape or CD.

For research, the library features numerous online reference databases, allowing easy access to thousands of periodicals, newspapers, abstracts, and encyclopedias. The internet can provide current information when researching products or fashion, or both. Revlon wigs is good example of this and using one of our computers is your best bet. For instance, you might be doing research on hair alternatives (the euphemism for wigs) or perhaps the history of wigs in relation to fashion trends. Our databases would supply plenty of references and information for the paper. On the other hand, you might be researching information for medical wigs or the appropriate wig for someone who is suffering from hair loss. If you were unfamiliar with wigs, you would need to learn about wig cap constructions, wig fibers, styles and colors. You might also need to do research about whether medical insurance would cover the purchase of a wig needed for a medical reason. (Some insurance companies do. The Medical Term for a wig is an “Extra-cranial Prosthesis”‎ and you need to find out if they ‎have ‎any coverage for an Extra-cranial Prosthesis. You also need to speak with you doctor so they can authorize the need for an extra-cranial prosthesis. Finally a web search on our computers will result in online wig stores where you can find and order a wig for medical reasons. Libraries bring the world of knowledge to your finger tips!

Online databases include Petersons for college and vocational information; Infotrac for a variety of student databases; Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) for abstracts of defense related reports and books; PROQUEST for access to thousands of periodical abstracts and hundreds of business newspapers; NEWSBANK for hundreds of newspapers, including the Arizona Republic; SIRS Researcher for thousands of articles on current social issues; and

SIRS Government Researcher for a wide range of government information and documents.

Other on-line Services also include Internet, Ebsco, SIRS Renaissance, FIRST SEARCH, and OCLC for interlibrary loan. (The Base Library can borrow from over 40,000 libraries nation wide). There is also an extensive collection of CLEP and Dantes books, tapes and CD-ROMs, as well as an excellent transition assistance area.

From Story-time and Baby-time to Class Tours and our Adult Reading Group there’s a program to support all members of Team Luke! For more information call (623) 856-7191.
Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday :  10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday :  10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday :  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Goal Day – Mondays :  12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Holidays :  Closed