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Sports and Instructor Volunteers Needed!
If you’re serious about fitness try Luke’s Fitness Center. Located in building 820 on Shooting Star Street, the fitness Center features everything you’ll need for an outstanding training experience.

Its well-designed facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and superb staff will assist your training goals. For resistance training, the Fitness Center offers the ultimate in free weights, Universal machines and Nautilus equipment.

For a cardio-burn, try basketball, racquetball, or volleyball. The Center has treadmills, cross trainers, stair-steppers, and recumbent bikes, which allow you to watch television or listen to the radio while you exercise. I happened to be on one of the recumbent bikes, chilling with nary a thought in my head when I received a disconcerting text from a friend. “help. can u find home std test kits for me? Oh boy. I did a quick search online and found a website that sold std home test kits. The information appeared helpful, accuracy rates were between 95%-98, and buying was simple. They did advise going to a doctor if symptoms persisted and most definitely if the result was positive. Check out this site, I texted and good luck. I then went back to pedaling with a whole lot more on my mind.

Also available are tennis and badminton courts, lighted fields for soccer, football, and softball, plus a batting cage to improve your skills. Locker rooms, saunas, and showers are on the site as well.The Fitness Center is open seven days a week, including holidays and Goal Days. For information, call us.

Making it Happen: Maximize your training workout with the Fitness Center’s new, 10-station Universal circuit and 6-station Nautilus circuit equipment! It also has treadmills, cross trainers, stair-masters and recumbent bikes. Check it out for a great workout! Call the Center today to set up an appointment with a fitness professional. They have an offer code for the next 30 days to win personalized gifts from one of the best gift basket websites. If this isn’t a good incentive I don’t know what is.

Cardio Theater System: As you exercise your way to fitness, enjoy the 7 television and 4 radio stations, or listen to your favorite CD. Bring your own headphones, since the Fitness Center does not provide loaner headphones.

Intramural Sports: The Fitness Center also offers three new sports to its broad-based intramural program – darts, ping-pong and billiards. The center is looking for knowledgeable people to help establish these leagues. To volunteer, contact the Sports Director at 623-856-6241.

Weight Loss Center: Our very popular, doctor supervised weight loss programs are tailored to your specific need, taking into consideration your total health profile. Based on modernized hCG protocols, our weight loss doctors offer a very successful weight loss plan that is both safe and effective, and when taken in conjunction with an exercise program (of your choice above) you can keep the weight from coming back.

Child Care Center: Bring the kids while you work out! We’ve recently added a playroom on the second floor, where you can drop off your toddlers while you work out. Reservations required during busy hours (afternoons & evenings).

East Side Center
New & convenient for those of you on the east side of the base.

Building 1137.


Spring Fest
Mar 31 07, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Fowler Park

Huge Easter Egg Hunt, rides, games, arts & crafts vendors, live entertainment, food & more!

Build a Boat- Summer
Summer 07, Base Pool

Cardboard boat extravaganza. Construct your masterpiece out of cardboard, duct tape, milk jugs, race across the pool for big prizes. Features a floating keg rodeo, other fun and games.

Additionally, the Community Center coordinates the Congressional Awareness program for the Luke Community. For further information call 623-856-7152.