Community Center

The Community Center is located in Building 700 on 14037 Phantom Street, houses several activities in one location for your convenience and entertainment. If you would like to volunteer to help out at the center, it would be most welcomed. And if you can’t spare the time, donations are welcomed. Right now we are looking for a wholesale toilet paper resource since the last company we were using is going out of business. Or if you can’t give us a lead on a new paper goods wholesale distributor, we would appreciate some donations of toilet paper. Although beggars should not be choosey, we would prefer a better quality toilet paper that is reasonably soft and at least two ply. Not only is a cheap 1 ply toilet paper rough to the touch, but it seems folks tend to use a whole more of it. We don’t need the type of 3-4 ply toilet paper you find in an upscale five star hotel, but at least something better than that terrible stuff you often find in interstate highway toilet stalls. Well enough of that.

The Luke Community Center is your host for fun! We manage all of the great festivals including the Holiday Magic, Spring Fest & 4th of July, to name a few. These celebrations are always full of festive decorations, party hats, delicious food, and fun activities. This year we are going to hold a gift basket silent auction to help raise money for the center. The goal is to get enough donated items that can be divided up into at least ten differently themed gift baskets. For instance, we will ask the local wine stores to donate bottles of wine. Likewise we will approach some of the local gourmet specialty stores for both sweet and savory products. If we can get wine glasses, wine accessories such as a foil cutter, lever-style corkscrew, stand, and replacement corkscrew, we can then create a luxuriously looking wine basket for the silent auction. Adding a bow to the basket will be the final decorative touch. So we are asking volunteers to entice the neighborhood stores to donat. We want to make out gift basket silent auction a huge success. We are planning on several wine gift baskets, maybe two fruit gift baskets, a couple of dessert gift baskets, and maybe some welcome the new baby gift baskets. We might even have a mystery gift basket that will be wrapped up so no one can see what the special items are. Folks would just have to bid blindly on the contents. Thanks for your help…in advance.

The Center is also home to McViper’s Irish Pub, which will open in the Fall of 2006. Upon completion of the Pub, a meeting room will be available for squadrons or groups to reserve for parties and conferences. McViper’s Irish Pub will feature pool tables, darts, shuffleboard, cold suds and hot food! Weekly pool and dart tournaments, college football are all on-tap.

Cyber Sports and the Game Room is currently closed due to renovation upstairs. Will re-open in early Fall 06.

Instructional classes such as foreign language and dance are offered at the center depending on the schedules of the instructors. We are looking for beginning acoustic guitar, country dancing and belly dancing. We look forward to meeting all of you at our upcoming events.
Various Dance Classes

Classes held monthly. Sign up prior to the first Tuesday of each month.

Holiday Magic Festival
Dec 1 06, 4-8 p.m., Desert Star

Snow, gift vendors, gingerbread house contest, Santa visits, tree lighting, hot chocolate and cookies, strolling carolers and much more.

4th of July Freedom Fest
July 4 07, 5-9:30 p.m., Fowler Park

A spectacular fireworks show, live music, games, contests, vendors, great food and fun.