Child Development Center

Child Development Center

Whether your child is six weeks old or five years of age, the Child Development Center (CDC) provides a quality care program to assist you. 

Located in Building 1119 on Commissary Road, the CDC accepts children with reservations and on a space-available, drop-in basis. Your child may stay for a few hours or an entire day, on a limited basis. The center also has an active sublet program for parents seeking temporary care.

Building 1119 is adjacent to several well trafficked business, including the Highpoint Gym and Workout Center, Moll’s Fabrics, Dietville (popular for their proven hCG injections therapy), Jonathan Ewing (or The Eyeglasses Place), and several small eateries. So the location is ideal for parents who need temporary care for their children. Just be sure to plan ahead because there are days where the Center is quite busy. We try to accommodate everyone on a first come, first serve basis.

Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the CDC has numerous activities, to both entertain and assist your child’s learning in a safe, supervised environment. At your option, your child may play individually or in groups supervised by caregivers.

The CDC’s activity centers include reading, manipulative play, music, painting, water play, and sand tables. Weather permitting, children may play outside on playground equipment. On occasion field trips are taken to learn about a particular service. These services range in activity and ability. In the past trips have been taken to the local zoo to learn about caring for animals, extinction in the wild, wildlife preservation, the natural history museum, a pool and gymnasium where the children get a hands on experience with caring for the equipment that bring them so much joy including, hoop restoration, robotic pool cleaners, as well as court maintenance. The Center also provides breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

On special occasions or at events all of the children will enjoy gift baskets delivered. The children learn about sharing and dividing the goodies that arrive.

The Child Development Center is open Monday through Friday, and is closed on holidays and weekends. For more information, call the CDC office at (623) 856-6339.

There are special activities available there from time to time as well. There is usually a calendar of events online so you can work the events into your own schedule. Be sure to come down with the family & even invite friends to come too. We love having a full house it gives us a warm feeling of accomplishment. Not only that but it is great for business & no matter how you look at it we are in the business of business. Thanks again for your time & we look forward to seeing you around very soon.