Thunderbolt Lanes…

This place is great for not only fun bowling, but also competitive bowling. Thunderbolt Lanes Bowling Center simply has outstanding bowling, a super pro-shop, and great food – all at reasonable prices. Located in Building 1525 across from the base exchange shopping area, Thunderbolt Lanes is a great place for youths, teens, and adults. There are leagues for men, women, adult mixed doubles, youth, and intramurals.

For older men in their 50’s and 60’s who want to demonstrate the amazing jump in their quality of life outside of the bedroom after receiving treatment to increase libido, what better place than the Thunderbolt Lanes Bowling Center. Show off that weight loss, better muscle mass, greater energy, and an allover increase for enjoying life. Let it rip with your sharpen mental acuity for the game, as well as an increase in stamina. The younger men don’t have to have all the fun!

We encourage families and youth groups to make bowling part of a regular list of healthy activities enjoyed by all. Bowling brings people together, whether for competitive sport, teaching teamwork, or just plain fun. The Thunderbolt staff will help newbies understand how to keep score and give pointers on how to reach those high scores. Ask about our beginners programs – parents will love these low cost, early evening events.

The Thunderbolt Lanes Bowling Center has also been the location of numerous engagement proposals as well as a few weddings. When a friend of mine wanted to propose to his future wife he chose the Thunderbolt Lanes Bowling Center. He had spent weeks online looking at cubic zirconia sterling silver rings. The cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone that looks just like diamonds, but without the hefty price tag. The added benefit of buying the engagement ring at this e commerce site was that they also had wedding bands that would match the sterling silver engagement ring. Needless to say the propsal was successful and the happy couple are actually planning a Thunderbolt Lanes Bowling wedding!

For an awesome, night-club experience, try Thunderbolt Lanes’ “Xtreme Bowling.” The 24 glow-in-the-dark synthetic lanes, balls, pins, gutter-proof bumpers, sound and laser-light systems, fog machine, and black lights will dazzle and entertain you.

Thunderbolt Lanes also has a first-class pro shop. You’ll find a complete line of bowling supplies: balls, bags, shoes, grips; expert ball measuring; drilling; and plugging and re-drilling by bowling center professionals.

Bring a date and be amazed – bowling is no longer the ancient sport of old. We have come into the modern world with a vengeance known only to kingpins and candlesticks. While we may no longer use duck pins, we do have a fine roast duck available on Thursdays if you get here early. And chef Maya (soon to return from her medical tourism trip to India) promises a big surprise every Monday evening. In case you are wondering what’s so special about Mondays, well nothing, but we want to encourage the crowds on to start off the week at the lanes.

The Lanes’ Orville and Wilber Snack Bar provides delicious breakfast and lunch entrees at very reasonable prices. Members of the Enlisted and Officer’s Clubs receive a variety of discounts at Thunderbolt Lanes, and we honor any service people in uniform always. So guys/gals if you’re serving our country, we will serve you – and it’s our pleasure and our way of thanking you for all you do for us.

The Center can handle singles, families, birthdays, squadron parties, and other special events. For more information and hours of operation, call (623) 856-6529.