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In cooperation with 56 Services Squardon Luke Air Force Base Arizona, here is a list of upcoming events that you will not want to miss. Now some of these events cost money. If you are short of cash and have no other means of coming up with the funds, you might consider a payday cash advance loan. Money will be electronically transferred directly to your bank account so you can enjoy any of these upcoming events. Just remember when your next pay check comes around you’ll be required to pay back the funds. Do not take this easy way to extra funds if you can not pay it back at its due date. Likewise, if you enjoy playing at online slots US friendly websites, don’t let your enthusiasm for slots, or any other online casino games get the better of you. Yes, there are winners, but there are also many more losers. The old adage applied to investing in stocks should also apply even more so to gambling. If you can’t afford to lose all the money, don’t invest / gamble. Gambling is fun for many people and online casino sites have made it all that more easy to play. Just play wisely.

Now… onto the upcoming events.

Renown for good beer, you really can not stay away from this one.

Cindy has the information if you have not received the flyers. Btw, you really should get on that flyer list – email [email protected] to get aboard. They’re having a prom dress night by popular demand. That is where you go back in time to when you were a high schooler trying to impress and be cool, but only managing to entertain your parents. Here is your chance to really freak them out!

Comedy Night
Some of us live for this one. The costume night promises to be a biggie this year with Nancy Stockton and the Underwear Drawer performing backup to standup Neil Stanley. Theme is “Royalty” so wear your fancy gowns (do not write off a gorgeous wig) and those flashy silver rings over at everyone is lusting after, and crack up while cracking up.

Cory Holcomb
If you do not know Cory, you HAVE TO come when this one is announced. The rumors that C just got out of lockup are unfounded, and we’d hate to contribute to them by writing that here.

Desert Star Club
Sponsors of the Freaks In Trouble festival, these guys deserve your business all year round. Ask Mike to play his jukebox picks when he comes around to your table. And that’s Molly’s guacamole that is so amazing!

Columbus Day
Do not have too much on this yet, but check back. Antony is planning a shindig and you know Antony will not let us down because he never lets anyone down. Antony rules. Go, Antony.