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Outdoor Recreation
www.lukerecreation.com – www.ouraetcoutdoors.us

Outdoor Recreation is located in Building 247 on 140th Drive, features a variety of equipment, aquatic programs, and outdoor adventure vacations at affordable prices.

Outdoor Recreation’s rental section provides rental equipment for virtually any occasion.
You’ll find an assortment of camping equipment including campers, stoves, ice chests, sleeping bags, and generators. You will also find water equipment including canoes, pontoon boats, and fishing boats. The recreation rental section also has a large selection of lawn & garden equipment and miscellaneous equipment like mountain bikes, folding chairs and tables, and engine replacement stands.

When I showed this site, Outdoor Recreation, to my mom’s sister from Australia, she said it would be handy to have an Australian version of the site. Faye Kotsis, my aunt, is known as a nurturer, leader, and humanitarian in her hometown near Sydney Australia. She is forever working through her church to help others in need. Many fund raisers are held by the church and being able to easily rent chairs and tables would be helpful. In addition, my aunt leads gardening forums teaching others about the proper ways to plan a large, medium, and small garden. She often ends up bringing her own gardening equipment to the gatherings. However, she said it would be so much more convenient to just rent the gardening equipment for the day for all the attendees. Then everyone would have their own tools to work with. I agree with Faye that having an Australian version of Outdoor Recreation’s rental section would be great. Perhaps she should find some partners and create a Sydney Outdoor Recreation store!

Outdoor Recreation has even rented our equipment for outdoor sleep over parties and events. Recently a family needed equipment for a party for a little girl turning 8 years old. The party theme was Everything Princess. We were asked to look at an online site that sold princess dresses in order to better understand the birthday theme. What a delightful site for little girls who are into the whole princess scene. The accessories of gloves, tiaras, capes, shoes, hats, and crowns totally complimented the site’s offerings of princess dresses. The birthday girl was going to be attired in what is called the Flower Princess Dress which gave us a good idea of the colors for the party. We provided the tables and chairs from the outdoor recreation center and coordinated delivery and set up with the party planners. The event was a huge success.

While we supply the appropriate equipment, you are responsible to be suitably clothed. For instance, if you were going to be outdoors in cold weather wearing Descente ski clothing or some other quality brand of outdoor jacket / pants / gloves/ hats would be smart. Descent outdoor wear is world renown for its style and ability to block rain, wind and snow. Descent ski jackets are highly technical and meet extremely stringent standands. You certainly don’t need to wear them for just skiing. Go to Lukerecreation.com for items available and price lists.

Outdoor Recreation provides great aquatic programs for the entire Luke community. These programs include a full range of aquatic activities in pools on base and in the Litchfield Park Recreation Facility.

The aquatic program features Red Cross Health and Safety Services classes, scuba diving, and kayaking instructional classes. Twenty – five certified staff members and two twenty – five meter pools are available from dawn to dusk.

Outdoor Recreation sponsors numerous adventure getaways to sites in Arizona like Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and Fort Huachuca. The staff also plans several out – of – state excursions annually. These range from golfing in San Diego, scuba diving and hiking in Hawaii, to skiing in Colorado.

Outdoor Recreation is open Monday through Friday. Whether you are interested in rental equipment, swimming, or a vacation getaway, try Outdoor Recreation. For more information, visit Building 247 or call (623) 856-6267.

Golf Tournament
This was so big last year that we now have some sponsors. We now added some great beginner tournaments as well as several age groups for kids. The pros are both playing and contributing their time to run the children’s competition. But even if you can not play golf, we’ve got equipment and experts ready to teach you how to have fun. And the biggest draw of all – Big Bob is again being raffled off as a slave!

Cruise Sail-ebration!
There are 2 cruises planned this year. The activities committee has promised to give me specs, but I think they are deadlocked – stuck trying to decide between 2 destinations. Wherever we go, it really does not matter, because most of the fun is just being there. The moonlight dinner cruise is also a go, but also no info yet.

Aerobic Schedule | Aerobic Center | Tone up and Slim Down
We are now up to 5 days, all week, so come get in shape. Some classes that use equipment get booked quickly, so make sure you sign up early. You can only do that at the desk – you need to show up to claim your space!

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Posted on: May 3, 2010